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Ageless New York Campaign

We are all aging every single day. But for some reason a bias exists that tells us things we can and cannot do based solely on how old we are. Society deems things to not be age appropriate. But why? People are living longer than ever before. Help us change the narrative and put an end to stereotypes involving aging!

Impact of Campaign

New York’s older adult population contributes to the state economically, socially and intellectually. Older New Yorkers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and continue to provide through their roles in their families and communities. Despite inaccurate negative generalizations, most older New Yorkers are healthy and active.

The goal of this campaign is for New Yorkers to question and rethink their views on aging and raise public awareness about ageism. We want New Yorkers to recognize ageism when it happens so they can learn to dismantle the views associated with it. We hope to shift the perspective on the representation of aging in New York and promote a new ageless mentality.

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Rethink Ageism

A powerful first step to stamp out ageism is to acknowledge how our own biases impact our interaction with older adults.

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The New Yorkers

The older adults featured in the campaign are each unique in their own way — from different boroughs, backgrounds, with different interests and careers.

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What We Found

Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups based on their age and can take many forms.

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Combat Ageism

Visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can take action to limit ageism in your community.

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