Meet the Ageless New Yorkers

Donna Sue

Donna Sue Johnson

Donna Sueis a licensed social worker and Air Force veteran who treats older LGBTQ adults. 


Mark Grashow

Mark, a former public school teacher, created a nonprofit after retirement that collects and distributes school supplies to nine countries in Africa. 


Mauricio Blandino

Mauricio suffered a traumatic brain injury. During his recovery, he started running for the first time, and has run 11 marathons since the incident.  


Sylvia Hernandez

Sylvia is a master quilter whose work addresses community and human rights issues. 

Myna Majors

Myna Majors

Mynais an anti-violence advocate and a hip hop dancer for a troupe that performs for the WNBA New York Liberty team. 


Ken Butler

Kenis an artist and musician who creates new instruments by combining ordinary objects. 


Frances Lucerna

Frances is an artist who founded a nonprofit, high school and arts program in Williamsburg.

KY Chow

K.Y. Chow

K.Y. is a business owner and has run a print shop for 24 years. He devotes his time to help other small-business owners. 

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